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During my years of traveling the country with The Vogues, I've had the opportunity to work with some well known performers in the entertainment business.  Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures with all of them, but here are just a few of the great folks I've met along the way!

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Here I am with TV star Drew Carey!  This shot was taken backstage at the Kodak Center in Hollywood.

It's The Vogues on the big stage in Las Vegas!  I'm the guitar player on the far right side of the picture.

I had the chance to work with Jimmy Beaumont several times over the years.  Here we are at a Skyliners show near Warren, PA.


Gene Chandler is the "Duke of Earl"!  We worked together at the Ford Center in Dearborn, Michigan.


Gary Puckett and the Union Gap had several big hits in the 1960's.  Here we are backstage at the Proctor Theater in Schenectady, NY.

Here's a shot with The Vogues and the Smothers Brothers backstage at the Showboat in Chesaning, Michigan.

It's Pittsburgh's very own Lou Christie at the Beacon Theater in New York with some guys in the band.

I had the chance to tour Alaska with The Vogues and The Crystals!  Here we are waiting for an airplane at the Ketchican airport.

It was great meeting "Polka King" Jimmy Sturr!  The Vogues worked a "Rock n Polka" show in New York with the multi-Grammy winner.

Chris Montez had big hits with "Let's Dance" and "The More I See You".  Here we are backstage at the Ford Center in Dearborn, Michigan.


The Drifters had too many hit songs to count!  I was working in their backup band at an outdoor show near Clarksburg, WV.

It's The Vogues band in Des Moines, Iowa with Terry Sylvester of The Hollies.  The band backed up this Hall of Famer's show.



Denny Laine had a huge hit when he sang "Go Now" with the Moody Blues.  He was also a member of Wings with Paul McCartney!  The Vogues band backed his show at a street fair in Binghamton, NY.

Chubby Checker is the "King of the Twist"!  Here we are waiting for show time just outside the stage door at the Capitol Theater in Wheeling, WV.


On the big stage in Las Vegas!


BJ Thomas had several smash hits including "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head".  Here we are after a show at the State Theater in New Brunswick, NJ.


Cleve Duncan of The Penguins had a smash hit with the song "Earth Angel".  This shot was taken outside the Beacon Theater on Broadway in New York City.

In 1964, The Reflections had #1 hit with "Just Like Romeo & Juliet".  I was Musical Director for their show at the Benedum Center in Pittsburgh.


The Happenings "See You in September" was climbing the charts in 1966.  I worked in their backup band at a Benedum Center oldies show.

The Coasters had big hits with "Charlie Brown", "Poison Ivy" and many others in the late 1950's.  Our band backed their show at the Seneca Allegany Casino in New York.



The boys in the band!